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Removals, Transfers, Elevator Crane, Storage

Removals, Transfers, Elevator Crane, Storage

Moving with elevator

How much does an elevator moving job cost?

In which cases is it necessary to rent the services of an elevator to make a move?

A furniture lift serves to move all kinds of furniture and belongings in a practical and easy way from the house and through the window and the facade to the ground. It is usually an excellent resource when it is very difficult or almost impossible to climb all the items of the move up the stairs or the lift. Something very common in stairs and small elevators and narrow and in which not only can they not take the furniture and boxes to be lowered, but the passage of the neighbors.

Likewise, with an elevator, eventualities such as the elevator does not work or there is very little time to remove all the objects of the move. There are different types of elevators and they vary in depending on the weight and height with which you are going to work.

What are the advantages of moving with an elevator?

An elevator service for a move will mean a saving of effort, time, labor, money, in addition to being much more comfortable for all the neighbors and avoid damaging the walls and ceilings of the stairs, the portal or the interior of the elevator. To the power getting off all kinds of furniture and belongings through the elevator is reduced also the chances that these will break or deteriorate. The Elevators are quite safe and have to be manned by qualified operators who know how to move without incidents. Each building is different and the operator will have to know how to adapt the elevator to the needs of each move. 

The average price of a move with an elevator in cities like Alicante is about 400 euros, with budgets that range between 250 euros and 1,400 euros depending on the cubic meter.

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